Body Pump Certified and ready to teach!


About a month ago I passed my Body Pump certification. Yayy! It was a long process. I put a ton of work learning correct form, how to coach effectively and teaching on the beat. I highly recommend the training. Shout out to Coach Janelle! If you have the opportunity take the certification with her. She is AMAZING!

So what is Body Pump?

Les Mills Body Pump is a 55 min workout that uses its own special weights and barbells. It uses the principle of light weights, high reps and good form. It has 10 sections including a warm up, squats, chest, back, triceps, biceps, lunges, shoulders, core and cool down. Movements are coordinated to snazzy music! Its a good time :)

This past Tuesday I taught my first Body Pump class at Colorado Athletic Club Monaco. I am ready to teach so watch out world!  Look for my name at 24 hour fitness, Colorado Athletic Club, YMCA and Chuze Fitness!

Kristin Schedell