So you just graduated your 200 hour Yoga Teacher what?

About 2 years ago I graduated from Kindness Yoga's 200-hour Teacher Training. It feels like ages ago! I remember feeling a thousand of different emotions: excited, nervous, exhausted, proud, lost, confused....My program gave me a lot of great information and insights about anatomy, different yoga modalities, and historical context but the program only spent one day speaking about the business of yoga and had us team up and create a sequence as a group for our final project.

Ok. Now what? What is the next step? While everyone's path is different and there are no right or wrong answers to navigating the yoga world I would like to give out 3 free pieces of advice to my newly graduated teachers.

1) I had no idea how to sequence on my own. I suggest buying the Yoga Bible. It's a great resource that has a good chunk of common poses. In this golden nugget, you'll find buildup poses for the asana of your choice,  counter poses, and the steps it takes to cue a student to achieve the asana.


2) In Denver, you must have a minimum of 6 months experience before auditioning in any established gym and most boutique studios. How on earth do you get experience is nowhere will hire you? I honestly hit up Craiglist and applied to every mom and pop studio I could find. I even taught for free for the first 4 months.

3) Find an experienced teacher and apprentice with them. Gyms and studios love you hanging around and shadowing. You won't get paid but the things you'll learn and the connections you'll make is totally worth it. I got lucky and ended up working with an instructor who had taught for over 13years.

Hopefully that helps! Good luck out there! Let me know how it goes out there! :)