The Best Workout Gear When Traveling Through Airports

Back in the day I used to be a flight attendant. It was a fun job but it was challenging to get workouts in. When you are on the road either working or taking a quick vacation its hard to get in some quality movement.

Most hotel gyms are very basic and being a female running alone in a new location wasn't always the safest choice. Even a yoga mat was hard to fit in my carry on bag. 

yoga socks.jpg
yoga gloves.jpg

Thank goodness for Mato & Hash Yoga gloves and socks. These bad boys take up little space and work fabulous. I recommend laying down a towel on the hotel floor (or where ever you are). The gloves take a little getting used to but the toe sock fit great! There are tons of brands out there as well! Mato & Hash are affordable and long lasting. I've had my gloves and socks for almost 4 years now. At the time I paid about $10 for a set of gloves and about $5 for the toeless socks.

If you wanna get real fancy they have a bunch of fun colors out there too! Make sure to take off all rings when wearing the gloves to give yourself maximum comfort.

Not sure where to start as far movement goes? You can always YouTube free yoga workouts. My favorite channel is Yoga with Addriane. If you want feedback on your form and more challenging classes I am happy to skype an online one-on-one yoga session with you as well! I offer 30 min classes, 60 min classes or 75min classes. You can email me to schedule a class today @

Or here's my simple energizing routine that can be done anytime of day.

Start in seated take 5 to 10 grounding breaths

Take 10 rounds a breath to move through Cat/Cows

Move through Sun A sequence 5 to 10 times

Sun A.jpg

Move through Sun B 2 to 4 times

Sun B.jpg

Add any deep stretching anywhere that needs a little extra TLC!

Savasana ! (I like to set a timer for at least 5mins)

Happy Traveling!!