Get Paid to Workout


Often times when you teach fitness the instructor doesn't workout. Sure you demo moves here and there but most of the time a good fitness instructor is watching students and walking around the room correcting bad form.

Les Mills is one of the few formats where instructors coach while moving with their students! I love it! I actually think I can cue the best when I'm doing the movements in my body.

Les Mills has tons of great workouts too. They have anything from step classes (Body Step), dance classes (Body Jam), yoga classes (Body Flow) , cycling (RPM) and my personal favorite weight lifting Body Pump!


If you are brand new to teaching fitness I think this is a great program to start! Les Mills teaches you great cues, has set choreography and has a great community to help you along the way! With Les Mills most of the time you are verbally coaching and verbally adjusting your students. Plus I find often times people are visual learners so your students are watching your good form like a hawk! Monkey see, monkey do!


There are of course other programs too such as Zumba, Turbo Kick, etc, etc......I have never taught those formats but I have a bunch of friends who do and love teaching those formats as well! 

Depending on the gym you are paid anywhere from $15-$40 per class depending on your experience. Money aside, when you commit to teaching a handful a classes a week where you get to move your body you never make excuses not to show up.

So if you love to workout and you can be a people person for a few hours a week I recommend getting certified in a Les Mills format. It will change your life!



Kristin Schedell