Yoga...not your only workout

I love, love, LOVE doing some yoga. And it breaks my heart when I hear people at the gym say that yoga is not a real workout....boy do they need more body awareness or a better teacher.....



I've been doing some thinking and maybe yoga shouldn't be your workout not because it won't get you results. It absolutely will. All I did was yoga 4 times a week for about 9months and I toned my muscles, slimmed down, and even gained the strength to hold arm balances like flying squirrel and flying hurdler's pose! 

But when I treated yoga as a workout and not a place to slow down and gain perspective I began to loose some of its joy. I had to do EVERY one legged chutraranga, and EVERY wheel pose and try EVERY up level that was offered.


I recently got back into lifting weights and teach body pump. This has become one of my new physical outlets. Now when I go to yoga I use it as time to mediate, move slowly, and breathe. I don't feel the pressure or need to do the extreme in every pose and this has enhanced my yoga practice 10 fold! I have come back to a place of enjoyment.


Yoga has many benefits besides physical. I would argue that doing yoga from a place of presence rather than a place of physical strength is more fulfilling and sustainable. What are your thoughts? Why do you practice ?