Your First Time At Orange Theory: What You Need To Know

I’ve done a lot of traveling a lot lately. Been a little MIA. Sorry about that. Everywhere I’ve been I’ve notice there’s been an Orange Theory in every city. They are popping up like Starbucks! I’ve heard a lot about this popular workout. I even have a few friends who are coaches at OTF. So the other day I decided I would try my first class. I gotta say I really liked the class! Here’s everything you need to know about taking your first class:


The class is about 55mins long and your first class is free! The workout alternates between rowing and doing floor work (body weight work/weight lifting) and then doing treadmill workouts. Every day is a new workout but that is the basic format of the class. I found it refreshing that the workout switches from different equipment so you never really get bored with the class. During the class, you will be wearing a heart rate monitor (you don’t have to buy it right away the studio will lend you one for your first time). The studio has monitors above you which indicate how hard you are working. You want to be working in the Orange Zone. The Orange Zone translates to Target Heart Rate. Studies show that when you exercise within 55 to 85 percent of your Target Heart Rate for 20-30 minutes you will get optimal results for your cardio workout. In addition to hitting this target rate zone, you also will have a goal to hit 12 Splat points. Splat points are the minutes you spend in the Orange Zone/Red Zone. The neat thing about Splat points is that you will burn more calories even after the workout is done.

Is The Workout Too Hard???? I think the biggest concern is if the workout will be too difficult. The workout can be super tough or super easy. Its what you make of it. If you are a beginner to working out, getting back to an exercise routine or a long time fitness junkie this workout is for you! If you want to push it you can! If you are feeling less energized you can do the minimum. I found that during the workout that other participants really motivated me to work harder.

What Should I Eat Before the Workout??? Everyone is different. So take this advice as guidelines rather than holy word. I found that a light carbohydrate with a little bit of protein works great for my body. I know. Carbs? Aren’t carbs the enemy? Well, no. In fact for high intensity aerobic exercise (OTF) muscle glycogen is main source of fuel for the workout. My go to for the workout is a piece of toast with a nut butter topped with either dates or half of a banana. I try to eat about 30-45mins before I start moving my body. I feel energized throughout the workout and never feel nauseous. Also, I try to drink about 2 glasses of 8 oz water before and after my workout.


What Do I Need to Bring?? Definitely bring a water bottle and a small towel. I am a sweat monster and I break out easily so a clean towel is a must because you will work up a sweat! I honestly think I only touched my water twice during the work out but I was glad that I had it.

What Clothes Should I Wear? For me, any time I do an indoor workout that gets my heart rate up and getting my sweat on I wear shorts and a tank top. The best advice I ever received about what to wear is to dress like the room is 10-15 degrees hotter than the current temperature. You might be a little chilly before the workout but trust me, once you get going you will warm right up. I also what to advise the ladies to wear a high impact bra. You will be running on treadmills, sometimes jumping and there are quick transitions between floor exercises. That extra support comes in handy especially if you are on the bustier side. Also, don’t forget about your shoes! Make sure that you wear a pair of cross training shoes. Something that you will be comfortable running in as well as doing squats, steps up, etc, etc.


Those are the basics ! Let me know if you have any another questions or concerns and good luck on your journey of fitness! Let me know what you thought of your first time doing Orange Theory or if you have any other awesome advice!