Should you buy e.l.f.'s Sweat Proof Mascara?


The other day I was snooping around Walmart for budget friendly treats. I have been out of my favorite cruelty free mascara and have been trying my best to honor my budget so I thought I might try a cheaper brand for the meantime. In a moment of weakness I thought I would give ALDO’s Sweat Proof Mascara a try.

The cost online is an amazing $6 before shipping (wow!)wh. It is a dual sided product that comes with (obviously) sweat resistant mascara as well as a clear, sweat-resistant gel to comb through your brows. It small and compact and the best part in my opinion is that the product is vegan and cruelty free.


My experience with this make up was alright. The mascara was very clumpy when applied quickly. When I do take my time the mascara does its job but I wouldn’t describe the make up as volumizing. I will say that while jogging with it on I didn’t have the runny-racoon mascara look, any stinging or irritation. I only ran a slow 3-4miles in balmy 55 degree weather,. However, when I did my OTF workout it got a little “stingy” towards the last 5 mins of class. No racoon eyes! Thankfully. In all honesty, sweat proof mascara feels gimmicky. It is the same as its water proof counter part. Renamed and repackaged, I honestly didn’t see much point in the sweat proof.

If you want to exercise with waterproof or “sweat proof” mascara make sure its ophthalmologist tested. Ophthalmologists are specialists who focus with the study and treatment of disorders and diseases of the eye.

I did recently discover for $23 you can get a sweat proof cruelty free mascara from Tarte. If you are in a pinch and money is tight e.l.f. might be a more budget friendly product. It wasn’t awful. I didn’t go blind while running or working out with it on but it also didn’t provide much volume or length.


All and all, I’d give e.l.f.’s sweat proof mascara a 3 out of 5 stars. Good for the budget, ok for quick sweaty workouts, but not the best option for heavy, long sweat sesh. Have you tried e.l.f.’s sweat proof mascara? What did you think? Comment below!