Gym Clothes are Stankin Up My Life! Help!


Everyone loves talking about living a healthy lifestyle. Oh sure, its great to drink green smoothies and run 10 miles but you know what isn’t great about being healthy and active? THE STANK!

Yes, smelly gym clothes.

No one seems to like to talk about this. This is a real problem. Whether you work out a couple times a week or if you move your body every day. Hot yogis, runners, Barre-barians, or gym rats——doesn’t matter who you are——this stinker can and will haunt you if you have your dirty hamper in common living areas.

I am a full time fitness instructor who just moved into a small room with my husband in the DC area. The tiny rent is wonderful but the lack of ventilation and tiny room is problematic. I read up online to see what other people did to combat the stink. Most suggest washing your gym clothes right away. Great idea —except— who has the time to wash their sweaty gym clothes every day right away? Especially being when you workout multi times a day (Sometimes I teach 3/4 fitness classes a day).

So I scurried about the internet looking for what other people ended up doing to fight the smells. Here is what worked for me. and what didn’t work:


Put a lid on it

In Colorado this seemed work just fine. Sure, my gym clothes were gross but I usually threw it into a hamper that had a lid into our bathroom. It would get a little smelly but nothing that some essential oils couldn’t cover.

Unfortunately, in small spaces this does not work. At least not for my stankiness…. Onto plan B!

Shower with your gym clothes on

Some people on Reddit claimed this work pretty well for them. I’ve never showered with my clothes on before. At this point the smell was so bad I was ready to try anything. After a week of trying this I can say this did NOT work for me. In fact, I think it made it worse. I even bought a mesh bag to hang the gym clothes up to help dry and air those bad boys out. In the end my clothing never seemed to dry and then my clothes started to smell less like B.O. and more muggy and dank.

Vodka? Yes Please!

Vodka has so many uses. Not just drinking! Vodka can actually be used for cleaning windows, deodorizing your stinky shoes and giving and can even de- frizz your hair. Also, the age old elixir can help you fight off the smell of those gym clothes.


You don’t have to go with the fancy top shop stuff. Grab an inexpensive bottle, don't need any particular type, as long as it is straight vodka you should be golden. Due to its alcohol content, it will clean and sterilize your gym clothes (or just about anything else you need to clean). Place some Vodka in a spray bottle and spray it straight on your old workout gear. You can use straight vodka or a 1-to-1 vodka-water mix.  As the alcohol evaporates, it will lift the odors away too.

The best solution for combating the gym smell….Vodka. When all else fails use the booze.I hope this helps your in your journey to creating consistent healthy habits. The road to fitness doesn’t have to be stinky.

Do you have any other anti-gym-odor solutions? Did the Vodka work for you? Comment below!