Weight lifting for weight loss

If you are looking to loose weight than look no further than the weight room! Yes ladies! I said the weight room. It won’t make you a beef cake. I promise. Plus there are many benefits to lifting weights that cardio and diet just can’t give you…..ever wonder why runner’s have a typical physic that looks completely different from a gymnast ?


Lifting weights is an important for overall health because it creates more lean mass, which in turn maintains or increases metabolic rates within the body. The higher the metabolic rate the more calories you burn and this also contributes to our overall well being. Honoring you appetite, selecting healthy foods that nourish your body and avoiding mindless eating one its own can certainly result in weight loss, but according to NASM, changing your diet will result in around “69% of the weight loss will originate from fat, and the remaining remaining 31% will originate from lean mass.”

Yikes! I witness this with one of my personal training clients. She lost about 50 lbs through only changing her diet but she was so weak. I had even more concern for her because she was in her 50s which already put her at risk for loosing bone density and muscle.

Maybe you enjoy running or your first thought is to hop on your bike to when you want to burn up some calories. This is certainly another option but keep in mind “for every pound lost, (from cardio and dietary changes) 78% will originate from fat and 22% from lean mass.” Resistance training, on the other hand, lose weight and preserve lean mass.

A lot of my clients are women and most of them are afraid to lift weights. However, during weight lifting studies show we only loose 3% of muscle mass and the remaining 97% comes from fat. Additionally we can add more lean mass which keeps us active, happy, mobile individuals who are aren’t breaking hips! Hooray!


If you want to make changes in your body and health, especially when it comes to weight loss you should include both resistance, cardio training and mindful food choices in order to use more calories while simultaneously preserving and/or building lean mass. The results (both from physical apperance and functional health) will be drastically different from just cardio or dietary changes.

Here are the top Weight Lifting/Weight Loss Training modalities:


Total Body Training

Total body training implies the use of compound exercises (meaning several joints and muscle groups being used rather than just one) are trained simultaneously in one exercise. It is a more efficient use of time and uses more calories than just a single muscle group exercise. These exercises typically involve the use of both the upper and lower extremities. (ie: dumbbell squat to overhead press). Its a great workout if you are short on time, however, this type of movement is not for beginners.

Power Training

Power training has become very popular among women who are seeking to tone up without bulking up. This type of workout uses fast twitch fibers (explosive movements) with heavier weights. This form of training increases the volume of work performed (sets, times, reps) and has shorter recovery intervals which uses more calories.

Circuit Training

I think almost everybody is familiar with circuit training due to its popularity. This style allows for greater volumes of work to be performed, and also provides plenty of muscle recovery. For example, peripheral circuit training alternates between lower and upper extremities, and between push (chest, shoulder, triceps) and pull (upper and lower back, biceps) muscle groups. This creates more blood flow throughout the body and uses more calories. Circuits are great because they use both cardiorespiratory and resistance training into a single session, which allows for simultaneous adaptations from each system.

Metabolic Resistance Training

weight lifting.jpg

Metabolic Resistance Training or MRT, is an all-encompassing generic term to define any workout that involve high reps and little to no recovery. The most popular workout that embodies this principle would be Crossfit. Although the is a lot of controversy surrounding Crossfit and the injuries sustained if done in the proper environment (small class size, competent coaching) these workouts are very beneficial to weight loss/ calorie expenditure. MRT causes EPOC which can burn calories after the exercise and even throughout the rest of day.

If you have any more questions or would like to be coached through any of these workouts please message me through my website!

(( I do want to make a quick side note about weight loss. Loosing weight is not the secret to happiness and it does not make you a good person. I personally believe that healthy food choices and movement can improve your life but an overall healthy lifestyle includes elements that also make you feel happy, connected and safe. I believe in a holistic approach to wellness that also includes your mental well being )).