Instagram Body Positivity That Will Touch Your Soul

Are you tired of looking at the same 2 body types on reality TV shows and advertisements?

Me too.

I’ve been on the hunt to bring more positivity into my life. More body peace. Some days I feel 100% sexy and beautiful, ready to take on the world! …..And then other days I can’t stop staring at that last bit of belly fat and that cellulite on the back of my legs. I begin to think maybe I should loose 10 lbs or change my body in same way.

If you are already moving your body, making mindful food choices 80% of the time the additional 5, 10 lbs doesn’t make your life perfect.

It doesn’t give you a happy relationship, it doesn’t get rid of your credit card debt, and it won’t give you a fulfilling job or more love. Weight loss is actually neutral. It is not good or bad. Its just weight loss. Just like how bodies or not good or bad. They are just vehicles which get us from one place onto the next. I’ve been looking for more examples of body positive people on social media and recently discovered thebirdspapaya on instagram. I loved her post so much I just had to share it with you guys!


Photos are so impactful. 
But words, intention and the heart are much more so. 
Because in all of these pictures I would have told you I was happy and healthy. 
And only one of them am I telling the truth. 
Being overweight caused me to be defensive of the whys. I had every reason in the book that chips and cereal were ways to get through a day. I was hiding how much I was eating. Often eating dinner and pretending to pack up leftovers while standing and just continuing to eat.

I had little to no control or desire to love my body. I was “ruined”. There was no point. The mind, it can lie to you. Tell you how worthless you are. 
Then all the life change came. 
I lost a ton of weight and everyone praised me for how healthy I looked. I was privately going through a divorce, overworking and under-eating (I under eat when I’m stressed) and my stomach was a wreck. I look at that girl and her sunken eyes and just remember all the praise I got and how much I echoed that I was healthy. 
I lost weight. That was healthy, right? I mean, I was living on protein bars but at least everyone said I was healthy. 
But now I’m here today. Regained a bit. And no, self love and body positivity aren’t some lazy excuse. I needed to regain. I needed to exit from dieting and weight loss. I needed to find my balance between the extremes. 
And the congratulations stopped. 
Nobody congratulates you for regaining 20lbs. 

But I was finding so much happiness in my balance and no longer needed that validation. 
My eyes came back to life. My skin rejuvenated. My smile became genuine. 
I am living and breathing my healthy life. And I have no idea how much I weigh right now. 
All of this to tell you this - remember that pictures are snapshots and never the whole story. It’s easy to paint success or health onto an image without really knowing. It’s also important to be supportive and loving in each part of ones journey! Losing weight is hard. Exiting from diet culture is even harder. Be kind to yourself as you find your balance. 
And remember that your happiness will never be defined in a number. Your health will never be determined by your pant size.

You are so much more. ❤️


Yeesssssssssssssssssss! Amazing! Thebirdspapaya has dozens of this inspiring self acceptance posts about real life. I find her insights and perspective to be refreshing and so real. Here at Kay Flow Fitness I want to help encourage health. Sometimes that means weight loss and sometimes it means loving your body just as it is in that moment. Fitness and health is not a one size fits all. The idea is to think less about what your body looks like, and more about what it’s capable of.

If this resonates with you find more wonderful content you can follow Sarah Nicole on instagram @thebirdspapaya. Comment below if you’d like to see more body positivity highlights.