Free New Years Workout

Its time to tone it up! But really who wants to go to the gym during the psycho January rush? The other day I witness two grown men screaming at each other over a machine on the gym floor. Um… thank you! That’s why I designed this workout that can be done pretty much anywhere. All you need is a therapy band, towel or sliders, and a yoga block.

Free New Years Workout!!

The Warm Up:

Warm up for 5 mins option to go a walk, go up and down the stairs or my quick warm up routine:

20 sec jumping jacks

30 sec plank

20 sec glute bridge

30 sec burpees

The Workout

45 sec on 15 secs off 2 SETS EACH ROUND


#1) Squats with resistance band


**Tip: Don’t let your knees collapse in! Push those bad boys out!

#2) Yoga Block Push Ups


**you can use anything, medicine ball, thick book, yoga block, etc, etc….just make sure its stable!

**Tip: keep your core engaged!

#3) Hollow hold


To modify simply bend on leg rather than extending both legs

**Tip: make sure your shoulders are lifted one inch off of the ground. You should be able to slide a piece of paper under your torso….this will really light up your core!

#4) Floor Lat Pulls

**you will need sliders or a towel

#5) Arm Circles


**option to use light weights but keep it to 1lb/2lbs so you can keep your speed up! Trust me this burns enough without the weights


#1) Tricep push ups


I recommend using your knees so that you will keep good form the entire time

**make sure to keep your core engaged by sucking in your belly button and lifting your belly button up to the sky (it won’t look like its moving but it will feel like it!)

#2) Therapy Band Bicep Curls


**Tip: At the top of the bicep curl when the hand is close to the shoulder hold for 2 seconds, squeeze your forearm to your shoulder and then slowly lower back to the floor

#3) Plyo Lunges

To modify take the jump out of the exercise and just do the lunges

**Tip: do not slam your knee on the floor!! Rather let the knee hover 1 inch above the ground to keep the tension in the muscle

#4)Yoga Block Russian Twists

Place the block on the highest setting in between your thighs above the knee. Squeeze the yoga block between your thighs (this will teach you to use your obliques) tap you elbows on the floor besides you

**Tip: Lean back until you feel your core activate, make sure to lift your chest the entire time

#5) Sphinx Arms

Ok so I discovered these through Pop Pilates with Cassie. If you like Youtube fitness she is your gal! She is awesome, awesome! You will feel his burn in your chest (bra fat area) and the top of your shoulders!

cassey ho.jpg

Tip: Make sure you keep pressing your elbows together! As soon as the elbows separate you are doing the exercise incorrectly and we want results, right??

The Cool Down

5 min cool down either foam rolling or static stretching! If you don’t know a lot about foam rolling here is a great Youtube video I found!

There you have it ! An easy way to get going on your fitness resolutions! If you need any help with the workout or have any questions message me through my website! I also have online personal training or individual programming to help you achieve your unique goals!