I've Tried My First Petelton Class.....The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Petelton has been blasting its advertisement this holiday season. I’ve seen ads on the side of the Metro, all over TV and even some of my coworkers have been telling me about how amazing their Petolton is.

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Ok. I can take a hint.

One of the gyms I work at has a Petolton. I’ve been eyeballing every time I come in to work. Today I finally decided to give it a shot…

I just finished trying out my first Petolton class….



I only took a 30 min class and damn I was drenched in sweat. It was a great workout! It felt challenging enough but not too overwhelming. Cycling is not my strong suit. Even though I teach cycle I often times find the class boring unless I’m at a Cyclebar…..just saying~!

One thing I really love about the Petelton is how accurate the numbers are for the RPM and resistance. Most of the time when I take/teach a spin class its typically a vague range especially when it comes to the resistance. Even CycleBar seems to have a tiny range for its resistance on its bikes. I think its a scale of like 1-30. I loved how the resistance on the Petelton has a range from 1- 100.

I recommend buying clip in shoes. This goes for any spin class, not just Petolton. When you clip in you really activate your glutes and hamstrings. You can feel the entire leg working. When I spin in regular shoes I mostly feel my quads doing the majority of the work. And Lord knows we don’t need anymore quad strength. We could all use more glute action in our lives. Wearing clip in shoes makes a complete difference 100%. Your butt will be on fire and happy at the same time :)

My one gripe with the class is that the 2 pound weights was not nearly enough weight to get my arms burning. This could be completely different for you. If you do arm workout regularly (especially pilates/barre arms) then I highly recommend going up to a 3lb or 4 lb set of dumbbells.


Overall, I loved the instruction and the class. And not just personally the instructor. Don’t get me wrong, she was great but there is something about the energy of a live class that keeps you motivated. Maybe this is the fitness instructor in me talking but they vibe of teaching a small (like 4 person class) versus the vibe of a larger class size is a totally different animal. Sometimes teaching smaller size or one person classes is awkward and like pulling teeth to get someone excited to work hard. With larger classes people seem more comfortable and ready and willing to work, smile and play. Even though you are taking a class via a screen, it totally doesn’t feel like it. It felt like a large, buzzing class. I even noticed when I do Youtube workouts that I am less motivated to crush it. Petolton did a great job of keeping the energy high and making the class fun and exciting. For cycle, thats a big deal in my opinion.

All and all, it was a great experience. I totally understand the high price point and think that the Petolton has done an excellent job creating a quality piece of equipment AND quality classes. Yayy Petelton!

Have you tried a class yet? What do you think? Comment below and let me know! Happy spinning !