If You Could Only Do 3 Weight Lifting Exercises.....

Usually I lift weights during the slow times at the gym. Typically 2pm or 3pm but this morning I had to be at the gym at 545am. Woof. Way too early. So of course I hit the snooze button twice this morning in a desperate attempt to salvage more sleep. Needless to say I did not give myself enough time to properly lift. I had about 30 mins to get in some activity.

I’m sure this has happened to you. Most people would probably throw in the towel. “Whats the point in lifting if its only 30 mins?” I am under the belief that even 10 mins of activity if better than no activity at all.

So what do you do in the gym if your time is severely limited?

#1 Back Squat : The king of exercises


If you live in a first world country chances are you have weak and lazy glutes. This is due to the amount that we end up sitting in a day. Especially if you sit at a desk for work. Squats mostly work your glutes but it also work your core, Quads, and upper back.

I always perform a squat with a therapy band around my thighs. Why? Because of my scolisos my left left is much weaker than my right. by keeping the band around my thighs this forces me to press my knees out and activate Glute Med.

#2 DeadLift: Activate the Entire Postier chain


Deadlift is a simple movement that really gets the back side of the body awake. Deadlifts work the claves, hamstring, glutes and the lower back. What I like about this exercise is that you can’t use momentum to cheat your way through the exercise.

My biggest pet peeve is when people lower the bar too far. You should try to aim for the mid knee cap. When people go past the knee cap they begin to round their shoulder forward and this causes them to drop their chest. Keep your chest proud and stand tall!

#3 Clean and Press: My favorite Olympic


I would say that the clean and press one of the most challenging exercises. People have a hard time keeping the bar close to their body because they don’t understand the proper mechanics of the movement. But when people do execute the exercise with good form Clean and press is an amazing total body move.

Clean and Press works the shoulders, back, core, and legs. To learn to keep the bar close and to drop your body below the bar practice doing the exercise close to a wall. You don’t want to swing the bar out. Rather its a quick flick of the wrist and rotation of the shoulders that brings your elbows underneath the bar.

You can always start with a simple Clean and then later on progress by adding the press. 

 So next time you are in the gym lost on what to lift or if you don't have any time now you have 3 amazing go to lifts. If you have never done any of these lifts I recommend working the a trainer to help with form. If you are in the DMV area message me through my website for one on one training or online coaching!

What are your go to lifts? Do you agree with my list? Comment below! Happy lifting!