Should you workout if you are sick??

The sickness is going around these days. It seems like everyone is either just recoverying from their illness or they are fighting through the crud. Even now as I'm writing I can feel a a sore, itchy throat coming on. So what do you do when you are in  a awesome exercise routine and you get sick all of the sudden? Do you rest? Do you power through? Sweat it out? What type of exercises are no-nos?


If you have a .....

Headache....Yes you can still exercise but avoid jarring high intensity and avoid dehydration  

Cold.... Yes you can still exercise avoid high intensity. High intensity workout stress the immune system and doesn't allow for proper recovery. You will prolong the illness!

Cough.....Nope chill out, get some rest!

Virus......Get some rest! Skip the gym.

If you have a cold low intensity workouts are the way to go.....Yoga or low intensity workouts are typically suggested if you have a cold. I'd honestly recomend walking over yoga. Have you ever done downward facing dog with sinus pressure? It is the worst. Your head just might explode. Even a light jog might be ok but try to keep it short. Ditch the weight lifting, HIIT and marathon running.


Don't spread the germs...Do an Online Workout from Home. I know thats its important get a daily workout but lets take advantage of modern technology! Stay at home and do an online class. There are millions of free workouts on YouTube. Its hard to find your exercise Zen when somebody is hacking up a lung in the back of the class. Plus, you can always pause the video and take breaks when you need to. Be considerate, don't get everyone else sick!

Can you really Swear out a cold? Although light exercise won't drag out your cold it also won't cure you any faster. However, some researches claim that light exercise can help break up congestion. If you do choose to workout make sure you stay well hydrated. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as sweating out a cold through exercise. 

Hopefully this helps! And get well soon! :)

Kristin Schedell