Clean & Press... total body exercise & major core workout


The Clean and press is a fantastic compound exercise! I'm not exaggerating when I say its a total body exercise. The main muscle group the clean and press works is the shoulders but it also targets the traps, triceps, entire back, abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads and calf muscles. I especially love clean and press for its ability to work the abdominals. Any overhead lifting targets the core. The clean and press is performed in a neutral spine (not over exaggerating your curve in the low spine and not completely getting rid of it either see image to the left) unlike sit-ups and other tradition floor ab exercises which I'm sure your spine is happy about. The clean and press can also improve your squat, deadlft and bench press. 

It is also a hard exercise to execute properly... timing is everything! To execute this exercise properly you will need speed, power, and accuracy. 

So I've been noticing that a lot of my Body Pumpers in my class have a hard time with their clean and press. The biggest issue I've noticed is the shoulder rotation that occurs when the bar is cleaned to the collar bones. Not only do you need to keep the bar close to the body, however, it is important to roll the shoulders back. Good technique requires quick elbows. technically the bar doesn't move. The weightlifter moves their body under the bar. I want you to think about dropping your elbows and pushing the elbows forward as you land in 3/4 squat (at least as far as body pump standards go). Here is a good video that demos great form:

What do you think? Does this help break down form for my Body Pumpers? Good luck and lemme know if this helps!