Why everyone should try Aerial

Aerial is popping out of the woodworks these days. I feel like Aerial yoga is the latest and greatest in the fitness trends. I think Aerial is amazing and everyone should try it 5 times. I say 5 times because the first time can be very overwhelming and a little painful when you don't know what you are doing. The second time is a little better. It can still be a little confusing but now you have a better idea of what to expect. By the third class, I think this is when people start to catch on. The fourth class you start to do some pretty amazing things you had no idea you were capable of. Finally, the fifth class is when you begin to notice the changes in your body. Here are 7 reasons why you should start your aerial practice today! 


1) Aerial gave me the confidence that I am strong and can do amazing things. It's crazy. I never considered myself a strong person until Aerial. I could put my body into fun and weird shapes.

2)I lost about 5 pounds playing around with Aerial silks and hammock. I wasn't even trying to lose weight. I remember when I first started doing aerial everyone kept asking me if I was trying a new diet. Id always laugh and say "I'm just playing around in hammocks."

3)I gained crazy upper body strength and abdominal strengthI never thought I could do a pull up until I stayed consistent with Aerial. And holy core! You really can't cheat a core exercise in aerial!


4)It's really fun! I haven't been upside down since I was a kid :) I have a hard time going to the gym but with aerial I get an amazing workout without it feeling like work. I get to play and experiment. It keeps things exciting.

5) There are a variety of classes that make Aerial accessible. There is restorative aerial yoga to trapeze! All these aerial classes offer a new skill set which keeps the "workout" fun and fresh. I recently started playing around with Lyra! It is completely different from aerial silks! 

6)Aerial helps improve your flexibility! Whether you are playing around with Aerial yoga or any apparatus your flexibility is sure to improve. Some of the most beautiful poses you see in aerial really stretch you out!

7) The community! In most aerial class ( except of Aerial Yoga) you more than likely share the apparatus. I find that you at some point have to talk to the people around you. Most people in the Aerial Community are super friendly and sweet and are always willing to help you out. I find this atmosphere so refreshing as some yoga/group exercise classes you hardly speak to your neighbor unless the instructor makes you say hi.


Yay Aerial! :) If you are in the Denver area come try one of my Aerial classes!