Top 2 Yoga Injuries I See Regularly in Class


Yoga injuries are on the rise. I had a PT joke once and tell me as long as people keep doing yoga and cycling as they are he'll never be out of a job. I think the physical therapist might be right though...

It might be the fact with Yoga's gaining popularity more people are gravitating toward yoga and are taking classes that are not an appropriate level for them. It could be the teachers/studios that are opening that aren't experienced enough. Whatever the reason injuries happen.

I think personally the number one cause of injuries is the ego. I can't stress enough in my classes that yoga takes time. I've been practicing for 6 years now and I barely attempt back bends and deep twists and I love using props!

The two most common injuries I hear are...

1) "I hurt my back in yoga"........Forward bends can lead to bulging disks and other low back injuries. People like to lock their legs especially in forward folds and this causes rounding in the spine. The rounding in the spine comes from the hamstrings being tight. I see this in Pyramid,Seated Forward Fold, Prasarita and Butterfly. This is easily preventable.
Don’t fold too deep and a soft engagement in the core to protect the low back.


Blocks can be helpful as well! Most Yoga poses we do not want to close off the heart. Keep the heart lifted and the collar bones open.

2) "Down Dog hurts my wrists".......I see a lot of older yogis suffer from wrist pain in downward facing dog. This is completely avoidable! It is important to keep awareness of weight distribution in the hand. The wider you spread your fingers the more surface area you can distribute the weight. Lots of people have no awareness of their hands. I love the cue "stretch out the webbing in between each figure." After you begin to truly open the hands then it is important to learn where to put the weight.
Try this ! Place your hand on a table. Keep the palms lifted. You should be able to slide a thin piece of paper under the palms. Now keeping all 10 fingers on the table roll the weight to your pinky finger. Notice as the wrist push down. Now try pressing your index finger into the table. See how the wrist lifts?


Have you ever been injured in class? What are some helpful things you heard that changed your practice and made you more pain free?? Comment below!