5 Things You Should Keep In Your Gym Bag

Have you ever been pumped up about moving your body, going to the gym or attending a fitness class and you forgot your equipment? I can't tell you how many times I was ready for a run on my lunch break and totally forgot to charge my music. I hate running without music! It always ends up being a short, disappointing run. Whether you are a classic gym rat or just getting into your fitness routine packing your gym bag can be a total lifesaver! Here are the essentials!


#1) Gym Shoes   Have you ever showed up to the gym in the winter wearing boots and realize you forgot your gym shoes? Or how about the opposite. Its a gorgeous day outside and you show up in the gym with your flip flops....I've done both and had to teach a Body Pump class! Make sure you pack those shoes!! It doesn't have to be any thing fancy. If I'm doing cardio like a run or zumba I gotta have a pair of good running shoes. The one exception for cardio is spin class. Cycling shoes will make a huge difference in your performance. You can get buy with a pair of sneakers but if you have the option to clip in bring the right shoes! If I'm going to weight lift or body pump I will always bring a hard sole shoe such as converse.

#2) Water Bottle       Last week I forgot to bring my water to a cycle class. I was dying! I will never do that again! Drinking water during a workout helps lubricate our joints, transports nutrients through out the body which gives you energy for your workout, and it keeps our temperature down. It is important to drink water not only during your workout but also before and after the activity. If you can avoid the plastic bottles too.

#3) Towel          "Don't forget to bring a towel!" Seriously! Not every gym provides towels. When you are working up a good sweat you will be so glad to wipe off that burning sweat from your eyes. Towels make all the difference in a spin class. If your not doing cardio at the gym a towel comes in handy to wipe down gym equipment. There's nothing less then sitting in a pool of someone else's sweat. Lastly, if you are blessed enough to have the time to shower you'll be glad you have a towel.


#4) Face Wipes      In a perfect world everyone would have time to shower! In the real world that doesn't always happen. Or maybe you are lucky and have time for a shower but you show up to the gym halfway through your day with a full face of makeup. There's nothing like mascara bleeding down your face and working out with racoon eyes.  I'm always horrified when I see my reflection after a hot yoga class when I couldn't take off my make up. Whatever the reason make sure your have make up remover face wipes. If you can try to get cruelty free wipes such as Yes To, Alba Botanica, and Burts Bees. Alba Botancia is my go-to!


#5) Earbuds     If you aren't working out in a group fitness setting ear buds are a must. Working out at the gym can be sucha chore. As I said earlier, I hate running without music and that goes for lifting weights as well. Get some music to pump up your work out! The ear buds don't have to be fancy by any means but they can make all the difference in the world. According to Scientific American Blog "music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort and may even promote metabolic efficiency. When listening to music, people run farther, bike longer and swim faster than usual—often without realizing it...."(https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/psychology-workout-music/ ).

With these 5 essential items always in your gym bag you should be able to avoid most gym disasters and get your heart rate going! Is there anything I missed in your opinion? What are your go to gym items?? Happy gymming!