Ways to perfect your lunge!

Lunges are amazing! Whether you love performing them or hate them lunges are an incredible exercise that works the major muscle groups of the legs as well as other other important muscles in the body. Lunges are known to target the gluttes, quads, calf muscle, inner and outer thighs, back and the core if you perform the exercise correctly.


Where do people go wrong? The most common misalignment in the lunge in my opinion is the knees not creating a 90 degree bend in BOTH legs. When the knee goes past the ankle we are putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the knee joint. This is not good for the longevity of our knees! The other misalignment I see is people learning the torso forward. When we stack the shoulders over the hips we put correct weight into the back leg. So how do we do this? Start by engaging your core, lifting the chest and leaning the shoulders back.


Do you ever feel unstable when you step back into a lunge? Part of the this instability comes from not stepping your feet back wide enough apart. You want your feet to be hips width distance (its the equivalent of 2 fists together). The last fitness trick which can make a tremendous difference in our lunges is stacking the heel over the big toe mound. When we access this proper alignment we begin to fire up our glutte. Firing up this muscle group allows for more stability in the exercise and begins to tone the entire leg front and back.


There you have it! These are simple ways to begin fixing your lunges today and up your leg day workout. Your knees will thank you and you will gain faster results with proper alignment and muscular engagement.

Try it out and let me know if you began to feel immediate differences. What worked for you and what didn't?

Happy Lunging! :D