Barre Benefits

Barre is so trendy these days! Its a great workout and depending on the teacher it is a low impact exercise making it accessible for everyone and all ages! I have a lot of students come up to me after class and ask me about knee pain. I see this pattern all over the fitness industry. A lot of this knee pain that I see could be resolved by restrengthening the glutes. I always recommend barre to these students.


What is barre? Barre is a ballet inspired workout that works on toning, flexibility, and range of motion for your lower half of the body. Typically moves are performed while standing forcing the standing leg to stabilize while you work the small muscles in the opposite leg. Barre teaches us core engagement and good posture. There is a reason why you never see a ballerina never slouch!

Barre training does wonders for muscle endurance. When I teach my barre classes I will have students repeat a move for 60 secs straight no breaks. I always joke the first 15 secs aren't so bad but by 30 secs you might be ready to kill me. Nothing burns like a barre workout! I'll never forget my first barre class. I used to bike about 20 miles to get to the studio I taught downtown. I thought I was in good shape. I was asked to try a Barre class to see if I would be interested in teaching. Halfway through I thought my legs were going to fall off and I was drenched in sweat. I loved it! It was challenging but not discouraging.

If you never taken a barre class this might be a good way to switch up the fitness routine! Or if you don't have a consistent workout this also might be a good way to start getting into shape. Barre is accessible to everyone with its light weights and functional training moves. I recommend starting with 2 classes a week. Give yourself a day to recover and keep in mind your first few classes can be challenging!


So get ready to kick off your shoes, grab your sticky socks, a mat and get ready to tone and shape those muscles my Barre beauties ;)