My Review for Born To Fly Aerial Teacher Training

This was such an amazing experience ! I've been to a lot of teacher trainings and not all of them have been as well planned out or informed as this program. If you are interested in teaching aerial I strongly recommend attending. The training is 4 days long. Each day is about 8 hours long which sounds like a crazy lengthy day but the way the program is structured it actually flows by quickly. The final day is only 4 hours and you end up teaching a full 60 minute class with real novice students. It was a marvelous experience. They also have an online mentorship which is incredible so even if you do not live in the area you can still work with these amazing circus extraordinaires and recieve valueable coaching! Yay Born to Fly!


I learned a lot but the main take away I would have to say was learning about correctly spotting students. That was huge for me. Spotting is a must and I honest haven't seen or experienced much of it in the Denver aerial scene. In addition to the constant hands on spotting experience the Born To Fly program did an amazing job mapping out teaching progressions. Wow! I have never had that in a teacher training! Thank you ! Born to Fly y'all rock! Rebekah Leach's Aerial Sling book is very detailed and straight forward. Movement friends, if you cannot attend the training get the book! I find this book to be helpful when breaking down aerial poses for myself even if I wasn't teaching.


Even if you are not a huge aerial person the training was very insightful on watching individuals movement patterns, creating support for your students through secure physical touch, and proper mapping out classes. If you are not a fitness instructor looking to teach sling or any other aerial apparatus I still urge you get out there and try an aerial class at Aerial Works in Castle Rock. It is a gorgeous space and they have classes for all ages.

Although I only attended the level one Sling Training I plan on taking the Lyra and Level 2 Sling training in the near future! This was a fantastic training! Five Stars!!!