My Go to online Yoga classes

For 3 years I was a every day devote yogi. I went to the yoga studio about 6 times a week. Leaving the house to have 60 sometimes 75 minutes of movement and me time was a special ritual. But then if I'm really being honest, I started to get distracted by other students poor form. The teacher in me wanted to run off my mat & correct other students. It began to take away from my focus in class.  I also teach full time. As a career teacher its really hard to get to class. Most of the time you work when typical classes are offered. The final nail in the coffin was my dog getting cancer. In her last few months I always wanted to be home to take care and keep an eye on my sweet girl as much as I could.

So I slowly began to transitioning to yoga classes online. In the past I always had a hard time staying disciplined practicing at home. I've come to really love practicing in my own space. Sometimes I flow freely but most of the time I enjoy having guidance from a teacher and hearing different ways to move in my body that I would have never come up with on my own. Never having to worry about parking is a plus and I also love the freedom of practicing at any hour of the day as long as I want. I do believe it is important to have a strong foundation of classes in person before switching to online videos (because a video won't tell you if you are doing something incorrectly)  but I also get that life can be so crazy and its not always possible to be physically present with a teacher. Here are my 3 go to online yoga classes:

#1) Yoga with Adriene: You can find this yoga class on YouTube. I actually used to practice with Adriene all the time in my hotel rooms when I was a flight attendant. Yoga with Adriene is very accessible for beginners. Adriene takes her time explaining what she means and the yoga is a very gentle, slow pace. She has a variety of classes and a cute yoga pooch who occasionally hangs out on screen. I have a hard time committing to an hour long practice at home. I like to keep it around 30-45mins. Yoga with Adriene classes are anywhere from 15mins to 45mins. Yoga with Adriene is down to earth, sweet, funny, entertaining, and free! I love her personality and her goofy camera presence. If you are a beginner, need some slow rejuvenating yoga or you are drawn to raw, authentic and sometimes silly instruction check out Adriene's Youtube channel.


#2) The Yoga Collective: I love this website! The Yoga Collective gives you a lot of options. You can select level, focus and length of class, and the first 15 days free. Afterwards its only $12 a month. Not bad considering that Denver Yoga charges an average of $22 per class. What I enjoy the most about this website is the variety of classes and teachers. I love the cues too! They are very specific and unique. As a teacher I really appreciate that The Yoga Collective films with a live class. I love seeing all of the adjustments the teachers give to help deepen postures and how the teacher moves through the room. It is an authentic studio setting without having to get to class 20 mins early to secure a spot for your mat. In addition to yoga classes The Yoga Collective also provides you with meditations and healthy recipes! I think its great that the website offers a lot of ways to nourish yourself off of your mat. The Yoga Collective is accessible for the brand new yogi and challenging enough for the experience practitioner.


#3) YogaGlo: I literally just stumbled upon this website/app. They have a lot of different yoga styles I personally haven't seen before like Kundalini, Partner Yoga, Hatha, Iyengar and Ashatanga. I get bored doing the same classes over and over. I love learning about new ways to move my body. They also have 40 different teachers to help with that. My favorite teacher so far is Stephanie Snyder. She has such an interesting style of movement and a unique way of cueing. Love her! In addition to all of the different styles of yoga, YogaGlo offers class filters on level, body parts, props and focuses. Its awesome! Some days I just need to focus on my IT Band or my low back. Even though I do not personally own a lot of props, I thought that was wonderful addition to be able to filter in or out classes that involve different tools. Just like The Yoga Collective the first 15 days are free and then its $18 a month afterwards. I'd say its a well spent $18.


The hardest part about yoga is getting on your mat. These online classes make it that much easier to get to your daily practice in. Whether its 10 minutes or 75 minutes, a consistent practice will truly make a difference in your life.

Which one was your favorite and why? What other online yoga classes do you like? Happy Practicing!