Headspace Meditation for Everyone

"Meditation improves our mind, health and brings more happiness." --Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Part of living a healthy lifestyle is not just about what we put into our bodies or how we move our bodies, its also about having healthy minds. Besides the obvious benefits of feeling calm and relaxed meditation has been shown to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) in our bodies. It also reduces heart rate and blood pressure and can even slow down the ageing process.

Beyond the woo woo we know that meditation and mindfulness can help us loose weight by modifying our behavior patterns. For example meditation decreases loneliness. If you are an emotional eater we can recognize why we are digging through our pantry when we aren't hungry and we won't reach for certain foods that we know won't nourish us. Meditation also increases happiness which improves our mood, decreases depression or anxiety; can help us overcome our addiction. It creates more self love and compassion and can even help us sleep better. All these factors can help us loose weight live a healthy lifestyle.

When we can sit and recognize our own patterns we have the opportunity to reprogram ourselves. Where are the patterns coming from? Where are the triggers coming from? Meditation gives us the confidence and space to look at ourselves and create change. We live in a culture that encourages us to constantly avoid. If you really want to get to the root of the problem, the root of the problem lies in you. Luckily, once you dive into those patterns and behaviors we can begin to let go. Its not a quick fix but the change is lasting.

I've always been an on and off mediator. Sometimes I am consistent with a daily practice for months on end. Other times I meditate here and there when I realize I am feeling agitated or off. I think meditation is put on a pedestal. We think we will instantly feel better or people think you will become a pacifist and know the secret of life. I honestly sometimes get frustrated with not "finding inner peace" in a meditation session. Meditation, just like fitness takes time. You don't always see instant results. Some days you feel great after a session and some days you don't. The key is consistency.

I've been seeing a lot of ads on Youtube for Headspace and I broke down decided I would give meditation the millennial approach. I love it! This app is fantastic because you can literally mediate anywhere on the go! My type A personal loves that the app tracks the minutes that you meditate and how many days that mediate in a row. They know how to motivate a gal. In addition to the its tracking features, Headspace also has the options to send you mindful reminders throughout the day. I am mostly glued to my phone so this is fantastic for me. Just as every day is different the app has a lot of different mediation themes you can choose from: guided meditation for sadness, running, falling asleep, etc. I am currently on the Basics 2 pack.


In my opinion I think this app is great for everyone. There is a free 10 pack that is a great introduction for beginners. This Basics 10 pack spends a lot of time educating you about meditation and has a lot of cute videos that make the process less intimidating. The app also allows you to adjust the how long you would like to meditate. If you only have time for a 5 minute meditation you can do just that! If you are new to mediating I recommend starting off with smaller time increments. Just like most things you need to build yourself up to the process to be successful and sustainable.

When we look at the these amazing things that meditation does why on earth would we not sit for 10 minutes a day and give ourselves the peace of mind and the opportunity to relax. Headspace is a great app that can make meditating easier integrating it into your life. Give it shot and let me know what you think! What was your experience meditating with Headspace?