Les Mills Body Pump AIM 1


Last month I attended Les Mills Body Pump AIM 1. If you don't know AIM 1 is Advance Instructor Module. This one day certification goes deeply into layer 2 cues which is something that I've always struggled with. I believe that the whole organization of cuing in the Les Mills program is brilliant. I sometimes wish I had started with Les Mills teacher training because I find I have a hard time switching my cues into the  format.


My trainer was Ben. He seems to have been in the Les Mills game for a long time now. Ben is a very down to earth instructor who gives it to you straight. I liked Ben's teaching style. He told a lot of personal stories which gave a lot of real life examples and answered all of our questions. He had lots of personality (in a good way) and has an incredible eye for fitness form.

One day is a lot of information to pack in. I didn't feel overwhelmed though. You essentially pick a track that you know is your weakness and then teach it to the rest of the instructors who are participating in the training. Your teacher trainer will then provide you with feedback. Later on in the day you will have on opportunity to implement the feedback. I'd like to warn you that AIM 1 is way different from the initial training. I came into AIM 1 thinking that I was going to get my ass handed to me. Turns out AIM 1 is more talking than moving.


The discussions were thought provoking. I really liked learning about the Lovemarks vs Brands education piece. If you are not familiar with Lovemarks it is a marketing term. I won't dive too deeply into it but essentially teaches you the importance of truly connecting with your students rather than just showing up and giving them a workout. AIM 1 also explores ways to present the choreography.  If you think about it Body Pump is a strong and precise workout. Students that are attracted and dedicated to this type of workout are looking for assertive instructor who isn't afraid to give feedback. All and all, Body Pump AIM 1 challenges you to begin thinking about what makes a great instructor beyond the choreography and the good form. You can honestly take the information from the training and apply this to all fitness formats. The art of coaching is just as important as knowing good body mechanics and the appropriate sequences for your class.

All and all I really loved the training. I had a lot of takeaways and good insights and I loved that it was short and sweet. Yay Les Mills! Totally worth it!

Are you a Les Mills Instructor? What was your experience like with AIM? I hope this was helpful to all my fellow instructors!