What to Get a Runner For Christmas

Ah Christmas. The most stressful time of the year. Especially when it comes to getting gifts. And what do you give to your family member is a running nut or just starting out? Here are my top three running gift ideas to help you out this holiday season:

#1) Running Like a Girl Notes on Learning To Run

This book is so charming and funny. I read this book about 5 years ago and I love it dearly to this day. I picked up on this book when I first started my running journey. At the time I was a flight attendant. Working out on the road is difficult to say the least. To run all you really need is a pair of shoes and socks. It was the perfect exercise for me.


 Getting into running is super challenging. That first week is rough. Especially, if like me, you don’t have any friends interested in running. Your lungs burn, you feel so slow, and its exhausting. That was also Alexandria Heminsley’s experience. Her candor and humorous writing makes you feel like you are best running buds. The book makes you realize that you are not alone or crazy to pick up the sport of running.

Running can be very intimidating. I feel like most long time runner’s forget what it’s like when you go for your very first run. Or some running freaks are just naturally good at running even from the beginning. That certainly wasn’t my case nor was its the authors. Alexandria is very relatable and down to earth.

I may not look like a runner. But this body caries me mile after mile. And my mind knows I can do it.
— Running Like A Girl

I love this quote. Its one of many powerful insights to life and running. She is motivating and inspiring, you will also pick up a bunch of insightful running tips from her by reading this book. Til this day I still uses Vaseline for my legs and feet before I go on my long runs (live savor! ).

#2) Feetures or Balega Running Socks


Running socks make all the difference in the world! That’s why they are so expensive…. Who on earth would spend $15 on a single pair of socks? Thats $7.50 per foot! Well, runners do. And if you have a runner in your family who hasn’t tried Feetures or Balega this is the perfect simple gift. A pair could be a great stocking stuffer or 3 pairs could be a thoughtful and useful gift. Normal socks get sweaty and can cause blisters. I used to think blisters were a right of passage in the running community, like the more mileage you acheive the more blisters and gross your feet would get. This is not true. Breathable socks make your run more comfortable and huge difference!

Never ignore your Socks! They play a subtle role but are as important as any footwear.

Feetures are a little more expensive but they come with a lifetime blister free guarantee. They are quality socks! For the winter I like to wear Balega. They have a little more cushion and warmth. Baelega is a slightly cheaper price point around $12 at most runner stores. I always say the three things you should invest in are quality running shoes, quality sports bras and quality running socks!

#3) Roll Recovery R8

Its no secret that your muscles get tight after a long run. Most runners I know hardly take the time to stretch properly let alone stretch at all. The Roll Recovery is easy to use and feels AMAZING! It feels like a deep tissue massage. I think a lot of people don’t foam roll because its annoying to crawl around on the floor. Not very convenient at all. The roll recovery can be utilized while seated, standing, whatever! Its effortless to use and super compact—you can take anywhere and will totally want to use it after race day. And did I mention how good it feels??

This product is around $120 but well worth it! This amazing piece of technology self-adjusts for different body sizes and targets the IT-bands, quads, hamstrings, calves, shins, glutes, and you can even get into your arms. It was always sold out whenever I went to my local run shop. Even right now my body is aching for a good roll….

There you have it ! My top three running gift ideas! Hopefully that helps you out there! Happy Holidays and best of luck shopping!