A healthy 4th of July Challenge


Happy 4th of July! Hooray! This is my favorite holiday by far! I love watching fireworks and basking in the warm summer weather. My husband and I have started a fun tradition where we ride our bikes and watch the fireworks from the bike trail. It is magical speeding down the dirt path with fireworks going off in every direction you look. You feel like you are in the middle of the show! Also, typically the trails are empty, you don't have to worry about parking and nobody gets a DUI.

I've been thinking a lot about making holidays healthier in my space. It is totally a time to kick back and relax but I think there are simple, subtle ways you can enjoy the holiday with healthy habits. Here's my challenge to you this 4th of July:

#1) Drink water!     Instead of reaching for that second soda or beer why not take a breather with a water in between. Alcohol tends to dehydrate us mainly because it is a diuretic and causes us to urinate way more than water. The sugars (both in beer and soda) needs more processing time in your body and therefore takes away some water away from other systems in your body to break down the sugar. I'm not saying no beer or soda just limit your consumption and stay hydrated.


#2) Move!      I am all about relaxing and resetting the body but this doesn't mean we have to be sedentary.  I remember when I used to do Weight Watchers and how the program really encouraged doing fun activities rather than feeling pressured to over stuff your face with food. Food is great, totally eat and be merry. However, the holidays should be about spending quality time with people. I think doing activities together are a great way to forge connection and create memories. If you have time in the morning go for a hike with friends. It is a beautiful way to get out into nature and get the blood flowing! No time for a hike? What about a friendly game of volley ball at the park in the afternoon? Yet another way to get outside and move. You free have options where ever you are! Be creative and move outside!

berry muffin.jpg

#3) Incorporate eating healthy foods     You are going to eat. Its a holiday after all. I remember dieting during the holidays and feeling like I was missing out on all of the fun. I didn't want to go to parties because I was afraid I would be tempted to blow my diet and if I did I felt so isolated sticking to my diet only eating plain celery sticks. Boring! Have fun. Indulge a little. Life is about balance! If you can eat a healthy breakfast. Something light and energizing! If you are going to a Barbecue put some fruit and veggies on that plate before you dive into all the chips and cupcakes. I try to ask myself how will I feel 3 hours after I eat this food. I want to be awake and the life of the party. How do you want to feel this 4th of July? Lasty, you can always add a healthier twist on your holiday favorite dishes. I love to share my red, white and blue berry zucchini muffins with everyone!    

Thats it! That is my challenge to you. Three simple, realistic ways to make your holiday a little more healthier. Whatever your 4th of July tradition is I hope that it is full of wonder, happiness and quality time with the people you love! From my heart to yours....Happy 4th! :)