Taking Time for Self Care

The quest for personal growth is important and can take many forms. You might be looking to
start a new, more fulfilling career. You may be thinking about going back to school or taking on
some other big life change. However, as these endeavors can be stressful, you need to find
ways to practice self-care during your transition.


Put Yourself First


Society often teaches us the importance of selflessness from an early age. While a noble goal, it
is important to reclaim your own well-being. Any stage of your quest for personal growth is the
perfect time for self-reflection. Take some time to know yourself and discover what you truly
want your goals to be. You might be surprised how valuable a sense of direction can be for your
mental wellness. Once you understand exactly what you want to do and why, you may be better
able to focus on accomplishing your goals.
Do you want to go back to school to please someone in your life, or do you want to go for
personal fulfillment? If it is the former, what do you get out of making someone else happy?
Living your life for other people and their approval can be exhausting. It almost never leads to
happiness, and you may find yourself missing experiences you want to have. Put yourself, your
joy and your overall well-being first in your life.

Make Good Choices for Your Mental Well-Being

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Once you establish the habit of putting your own needs ahead of anyone else’s, for everyone’s
benefit in the long run, you can start to make better choices for your mental well-being. A natural
part of self-reflection is learning to identify habits that do not provide much value. What are
some things that you do each day that do not necessarily bring you joy, but you simply do to
pass the time? Does being on social media for an hour really make you happy? What role is it
filling in your life? How much time do you devote to being glued to technology, and how much
joy does it give you? Sometimes we need to disconnect from our phones, from our televisions
and computers, and take some time to devote to our mental well-being. Decide what is taking
up too much of your time, and connect that to a new area of your life.
Coping with Stress and Anxiety
One such area could be teaching yourself healthy techniques to deal with stress or anxiety. A
big part of taking care of yourself while on this journey will be looking after your mental health.
Some simple ways to deal with regular stress could be practicing yoga or meditation. If you find
that to be too much strain physically, or you don’t feel able to meditate for whatever reason,
deep breathing has many benefits. You may notice a drop in stress, which lowers your blood
pressure, or even that levels of aches and pains decrease over time. Center yourself on
breathing deep down into your stomach, focusing on holding your breath and then releasing it

Let Go


When you begin to put your own needs first, you may feel guilty. People in your life may try to
amplify that feeling. It’s important to let go of that. You cannot take care of anyone else if you
are not seeing to your own needs. Guilt will only make things more difficult, and hinder your
personal growth. In turn, don’t put your hopes on someone else.
People may not do what you want, or what is best for you. This is OK. Just as you need to take
care of yourself, they need to do the same. Allow your loved ones to do so, and focus on what
you can do to make yourself happy and complete your own goals.
This is going to be a period of change for you. That change may affect others in your life. When
you stop working so hard for others, you can better take care of yourself. This is your time. Let
go of stress and live life as you choose.